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Sensual Lips / Powder Lips PMU

Sensual Lips are one of the newest and most beautiful techniques on the permanent make-up market.
With this pigmentation method, it is possible to create a very natural look as well as a make-up look.
This pigmentation method is very gentle on the lips. Due to the gentle method, the lip does not suffer from trauma
and therefore loses much less pigment, which means that healing is much better after the first session.
It is often not necessary to re-pigment after this method.
After healing, the lip is given a beautiful 3D look, making it appear fresher and more voluminous.

Sensual Lips / Powder Lips PMU 380,00 €
Nachbehandlung innerhalb 4-6 Wochen 180 €
Auffrischung innerhalb 12 Monate 300 €

PMU remover/removal (per session) 100 €

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